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Screenings & Presentations of Tour Films are open to all TICKET, BUTTON & DAY PASS HOLDERS.

If you are looking forward to meeting the film festival guests, getting their autograph, or just having a brief one-on-one conversation with them, then this is a perfect opportunity to do that. During the festival on Friday and Saturday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm at the Museum many of the guests and celebrities will be on hand to meet you and autograph books, photos, DVD’s and other memorabilia. Participating will be Cheryl Rogers Barnett, Darby Hinton, David Matuszak, Wyatt McCrea, Jay Dee Witney and Rob Word. They look forward to sharing anecdotes and other interesting information about themselves and their profession with you. Please check with the Museum for specific times for each guest. Note: Times and guests are subject to change.


8:30 am Have Gun – Will Travel (1957) S1:Ep2 “The Outlaw” – Screening (30 Min) – Don Kelsen
Directed by Andrew V. McLaglen with Richard Boone, Charles Bronson, PeggyStewart. Paladin (Richard Boone) is hired to return escaped killer, Manfred Holt  (Bronson) to face a judge and jury. After a standoff with authorities Paladin and Holt form a respectful alliance on their journey to justice. Knowing he will probably never leave jail again Holt agrees to cooperate with the condition that he sees his wife (Stewart) one last time.

Tour will be Fri. 9:30 am – Leaves from Museum South parking lot.



9:00 am Have Gun – Will Travel (1957) S1:Ep6 “The Bride” – Screening (30 Min) – Don Kelsen
Directed by Andrew V. McLaglen with Richard Boone, Marian Seldes. Paladin (Boone) is hired to escort mail-order bride (Seldes) through the dangers of the desert.

Tour will be Fri. 12:30 am – Leaves from Museum South parking lot.
Tour will be Sun. 2:30 pm – Leaves from Museum South parking lot.

10:00 am Bar 20 Ranch (75 Min) – Richard W. Bann
Film historian and Author, Richard W. Bann, presents a video compilation of western excerpts shot at this pastoral venue spanning the period 1926 through 1949.  Incredibly, the many western film location books have all ignored the Bar 20 Ranch because until 2011 its storied movie history was unknown, even at our own festival.

Tours will be: Fri. 11:30 am – Leaves from Museum South parking lot
                                                       Sat. 10:00 am – Leaves from Museum South parking lot

12:00 Noon Errol Flynn: The Tasmanian Devil in Lone Pine (75 Min) – Ross Schnioffsky & Warren Davey with an audio-visual presentation.
In the 1930’s and 1940’s Australian actor Errol Flynn was one of the most popular stars in the glittering Hollywood galaxy.  And like many other movie greats he made films in the Lone Pine area.  In this illustrated talk we will discuss his formative years in Hobart, Tasmania, his significant contribution to cinema history and his controversial and very colorful private life.  We will concentrate on his two major Lone Pine films: The Charge of the Light Brigade (1936) and Kim (1950).  The first film displays the charismatic Flynn in meteoric ascendancy, and with Kim we see the signs of decline.

                                                      The screening of Flynn’s movie The Charge of the Light Brigade (1936) follows at 2:00 pm at the High School Auditorium.

2:30 pm Trains in Westerns (75 Min) – Jim Clark
Called the “Train Man” by movie makers Jim Clark is the go-to guy when it comes to providing expertise and authenticity for trains used in films.  He will show how trains are set up, operated and fixed at movie locations.  He will reveal how special effects crews use a number of devices, including miniature models and computer graphic, and coordinating those effects with full-sized wood and steel contraptions.


9:30 am Michael Curtiz: A life in Film (90 Min) – Alan K. Rode
Author and historian, Alan K. Rode, discusses the cinematic career of Academy Award ® winning film maker, Michael Curtiz.  From his early years in Hungary through his rise with Warner Bros Studios, his directorial style and success will be discussed.  A favorite of actor, Error Flynn, Curtiz directed Flynn in no less than ten pictures, including The Charge of the Light Brigade, which was filmed on location in Lone Pine.

The screening of the Curtiz directed movie The Charge of the Light Brigade (1936) will be Friday at 2:00 pm at the High School Auditorium.

11:30 am Props in the Movies (75 Min) – Marc Wanamaker with Hope Parrish
Author Marc Wanamaker and movie consultant Hope Parrish discuss the important significance of the ways props are used in movies and their dramatic effects on the final cut.  They will focus on the Django Unchained, the film Parrish provided expertise.

The screening of Django Unchained (2012) will follow at 1:30 pm at the High School Auditorium.

2:00 pm Top 10 Western Stunts (90 Min) – Dave Matuszak
David F. Matuszak, author of The Cowboy’s Trail Guide to Westerns, will host a“round table discussion” regarding the 10 best Western stunts in feature-length  (“A”) Western movies of all time. The daring stunts in Westerns are often the most memorable aspect of the film. Who can forget the classic “Flying W” horse tripping in Stagecoach and hundreds of other Westerns? Watch examples of classic stunts and decide for yourself which are your favorites. Help select the festival’s official Top 10 list.

Matuszak will lead the discussion regarding the essential elements of America’s only true art form – Western filmmaking. Learn how the Western bridges the gap between the myth of the West and the spirit of the west. Explore the contributions that Westerns have made to American culture. Compare your  favorite Western stunts with Matuszak’s top 10 list.

Join in the discussion or sit back and enjoy the conversation of both working and armchair cowboys alike as they select “Lone Pine Film Festival’s Top 10 Western Stunts.”

No presentations are presently scheduled for Sunday

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