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We are very excited that this year, the Zane Grey West Society has decided to have their annual convention in Lone Pine, on October 14th – 17th providing their members the opportunity to join with the many annual Lone Pine Film Festival guests in celebrating Western legacy in America. 

The purpose of Zane Grey’s West Society is to promote interest in and knowledge of the eminent American author, Zane Grey and his works; to revive interest in the writings of Zane Grey and preserve the sites of his writings so that future generations may realize the contributions made by Zane Grey toward the development of the adventure story in American literature.

This year’s Film Festival program includes an 80th anniversary  screening of the 1944 film Nevada on Sunday October 13th. It should be noted that the movie was filmed in Lone Pine.

Directed by Edward Killy with Robert Mitchum, Richard Martin, Guinn “Big Boy” Williams, Anne Jeffreys, and Harry Woods.

Jim “Nevada” Lacy (Mitchum) comes across a dying man just as a sheriff’s posse arrives.  Coincidentally carrying a large wad of cash Nevada’s arrested for robbery and murder.  In the meantime, the real killer, Joe Powell (Woods), tries everything in his power to get Nevada to take the fall, including inciting a lynch mob. Nevada and his sidekick, Dusty (Williams), must find out who’s calling the shots and ordered the murder.

This film will be introduced by Steve Latshaw, who will host a Q&A  with Todd Newport, from the Zane Grey’s West Society.  The film will also be featured on a tour during the festival scheduled for both Friday and Sunday which will be guided by western film historian, Dennis Liff.

See for details. If you would like to lean more about the Zane Grey West Society, see their website:

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