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This beautiful version of Trail of Robin Hood was restored in 2018 by Paramount Studios for a special December 2018 viewing on Turner Classics.
Never screened since that air date, Paramount is providing a copy of the restored version for our Saturday October 12th  screening (11:00 am) which will also include, prior to the screening, a special guest panel hosted by historian Steve Latshaw  with Cheryl Rogers Barnett, Jay Dee Witney, son of director, William Witney, and Republic Pictures expert Bart Romans.
TRAIL OF ROBIN HOOD (1950) 66 min.
Trail of Robin Hood is a 1950 American Trucolor Western film directed by William Witney and starring Roy Rogers. Filmed in the San Bernardino Mountains, Iverson Ranch  and Big Bear Lake California, it is notable for featuring a large cast of Western stars and the last film that Roy Rogers filmed in Trucolor.
Directed by William Witney, the film stars Roy Rogers, Penny Edwards, Rex Allen, Allan Lane, Monte Hale, William Farnum, Tom Tyler, Roy Corrigan, Jack Holt, Cheryl Rogers, Trigger and many others. See IMDB link for full cast.

Note: This is Cheryl Rogers: Roy Rogers’ and Dale Evans’ oldest daughters’ only feature film appearance. She did appear in one TV show after this. Eleven minutes into the movie, she is the little girl in a blue dress who asks Jack Holt for his autograph.

Cheryl has vivid memories of her time on the film. “The main thing I remember is being absolutely in awe of Jack Holt and just about everybody else was, too. There were a lot of cowboy stars in there that made a lot of movies, but Jack Holt was a Movie Star, and Republic didn’t have many Movie Stars working on that lot. They did, but it was so different. He had worked for all of the big studios, and he’d been a star in Silents and Talkies, and everybody was sort of in awe of him. And he was so sweet to me. The one and only line I get is with him, and I think it took me like three tries. Dad was getting really upset because Republic liked one and done. I stammered a little.”
She also remembers director William Witney. “He was a great action director and loved Trigger. He was always trying to come up with extra things for the Old Man to do.”
Filmmaker Quentin Tarantino is one of Witney’s biggest fans. “After their first few movies together, Witney had gotten Roy out of his fringe-and-sparkle attire and was dressing him in normal attire, blue jeans and stuff. They stopped being these crazy musicals. He turned them into rough, tough violent adventures. These guys were storytellers. They knew how to move the camera to convey information so they didn’t have to shoot another dialogue scene to explain something.”
When Roy Rogers helps retired Western star Jack Holt get his Christmas trees to market their plan to sell affordable trees at cost upsets the competition.  When the bad guys’ attempt to con Jack Holt into signing an exclusive contract fails, they resort to rustling Jack’s Christmas trees! Things really get exciting when Roy and Jack’s movie pals, western stars all, show up to help Roy save the day! With Allan “Rocky” Lane, Monte Hale, Rex Allen, Tom Tyler, Kermit Maynard, Crash Corrigan, Tom Keene and others!
As noted, in 2018, the film aired on TCM. Below is a link from Cheryl’s website that they posted at the time.
In 2018, author and film historian Jeremy Arnold, published Christmas in the Movies (Turner Classic Movies).
Arnold provides us with a film buff’s understanding of the movie’s theme; of Roy’s popularity at the time and helps us to understand the quirky story written by Gerald Geraghty, a prolific Hollywood western writer.
Notes on the exceptional casting and story line define why “Trail of Robin Hood” is a Christmas classic that all should see. The Book was updated and revised in 2023.  See link above.
Trail of Robin Hood/Christmas in the Movies FULL ARTICLE by Jeremy Arnold
You can watch a video interview with Jeremy discussing the re-release of the book in 2023 @
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