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Screenings & Presentations of Tour Films are open to all TICKET, BUTTON & DAY PASS HOLDERS.

If you are looking forward to meeting the film festival guests, getting their autograph, or just having a brief one-on-one conversation with them, then this is a perfect opportunity to do that. During the festival on Friday and Saturday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm at the Museum many of the guests and celebrities will be on hand to meet you and autograph books, photos, DVD’s and other memorabilia. Participating will be Cheryl Rogers Barnett, Dorothy Best, Darby Hinton, David Matuszak, Wyatt McCrea, Julie Rogers Pomilia, Jay Dee Witney and Rob Word. They look forward to sharing anecdotes and other interesting information about themselves and their profession with you. Please check with the Museum for specific times for each guest. Note: Times and guests are subject to change.


9:00 am Kids of Our Cowboy Kings (Part1) 60 Mim – Julie Rogers Pomilia
Roy Rogers, Rod Cameron, William Witney, yes, they were our Cowboy Kings. They were also dads!  Come listen to Julie Pomilia, Cheryl Rogers Barnett, Tony Cameron, Jay Dee Witney regale stories of growing up with these film heroes
10:30  am  “Seeds”  60 Min – Brennan Bunn & Darby Hinton
 A short film that was filmed in Lone Pine & Alabama Hills, “Seeds” is a gripping and intense film that follows a desperate mother and her daughter, Sky, as they traverse a desolate and unforgiving wasteland in search of a rumored fertile valley. Their journey takes an unexpected turn when they encounter an old man and his grandson, leading to a harrowing struggle for survival and the discovery of their own humanity in the face of desperation.” The film will be followed by a Q & with actor, Darby Hinton and Director, Brennan Bunn”
12:00 Noon  Bar 20 Ranch ( 75 Min) – Dick Bann
Film historian and Author, Richard W. Bann, presents a video compilation of western excerpts shot at this pastoral venue spanning the period 1926 through 1949.
Incredibly, the many western film location books have all ignored the Bar 20 Ranch because until 2011 its storied movie history was unknown, even at our own
Tours will be:  Fri. 1:30 pm –  Leaves from Museum South parking lot .
                                Sat. 10:00 am –  Leaves from Museum South parking lot.
1:30 pm Have Gun Will Travel – Screening  – S4 E10  (30 Min) – Don Kelsen
Directed by Buzz Kulik with Richard Boone, Russell Collin,  & Jacqueline Scott.  Paladin (Boone) is hired by Amanda (Scott) to locate her missing father, prospector Crowbait (Collins), who was seeking a silver mine on native land. Paladin is in a race against time to find him before the natives do. After finding the mine more is discovered than just ore. Good use of the Alabama Hills
locations as mining country.
Tours will be Friday @ 2:15 pm – Leaves from Museum South parking lot.
……………………..Saturday @ 9:30 am -Leaves from Museum South parking lot.
2:30 pm  ”Remembering Slim Pickens,  A Cowboy King Sidekick” – Daryle Ann Lindley (Slim Pickens’s daughter) with Jay Dee Witney
Daryle Ann Lindley, the daughter of famed cowboy actor Slim Pickens, recalls what it was like growing up with her father, and tells about several incidents that happened while he was filming The Big Country (1958).
Watch Video – Remembering Slim Pickens


9:00 am “Roy Rogers-In His Own Words” 60 Min – Cheryl Rogers Barnett
Roy & Dale’s daughter, presents a DVD of treasured stories. Never seen before & in the old museum in Victorville, Roy talks about his life in his own captivating way. Wait until you see the wonderful films clips including Lone Pine’s Alabama Hills!
10:30 am Kids of Our Cowboy Kings (Part 2) 60 Min – Julie Rogers Pomilia
Joel McCrea, Richard Farnsworth, John Carradine, Slim Pickens, yes, they were our Cowboy Kings. They were also dads! Come listen to Wyatt McCrea, Diamond Farnsworth, Robert Carradine and Daryle Ann Lindley regale stories of growing up with these film heroes.
12:00 Noon  Poverty Row – Cowboy Kings of the Alabama Hills  60 Min – Marc Wanamaker
We always equate the Alabama Hills of Lone Pine with Western Films. There were other types of films made in the area of course, but it was ‘Western Films’ that dominated film production in the area. Sure we know of the cowboy kings of the time.  Did you know many western stars had their own companies or starred in their own films?This was the beginning of the B-Western Star genre of films.
Marc  will be profiling such stars who worked one time or another in the Alabama Hills as; Art Acord, Jay Wilsey aka ‘Buffalo Bill Jr.”, Edmund Cobb, Bill Cody, Hoot Gibson, Tim Holt, Jack Hoxie, Fred Humes, Jacques Jaccard, Tom Keene, Ken Maynard, Jack Randall and Tom Tyler. You’ll see very rare photographs of these stars and some film clips which crossed-over from silent to sound films.
1:30 pm Have Gun Will Travel – Screening  – S2 E16  (30 Min) – Don Kelsen
Directed by Andrew V. McLaglen with Richard Boone, Denver Pyle, Jacqueline Scott & Ken Lynch;  Gun for hire, Paladin (Boone), works as a guard to escort a wealthy couple Sid  Morgan and Stacy Neal (Pyle and Scott) through the Alabama Hills. Things get
interesting and potentially dangerous when an ensuing wager is made for very high stakes.
Tour will be Saturday @ 2:15 pm – Leaves from Museum South parking lot.
2:30 pm Top 10 Stealth Weapons of the Wild West (75 Min) – David Matuszak
When cowboys were king they didn’t always use six-shooters to settle their scores. Westerns often depicted the stealth weapons of the frontier such as knives, swords, and hatchets. Those were the weapons used in many iconic films scenes. Watch many of those film clips, discuss your favorites, and help to select the festival’s Top 10 Stealth Weapons in Westerns. (If you’d like your favorite scene to be considered and shown during the presentation, send Mr. Matuszak an email ASAP and let him know the scene and the movie to

No presentations are presently scheduled for Sunday,

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