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Jeremy Arnold is an author and film historian. His books include Christmas in the Movies; The Essentials: 52 Must-See Movies and Why They Matter; and The Essentials: Vol. 2. Jeremy also wrote Lawrence of Arabia: The 50th Anniversary as a supplement to that film’s deluxe Blu-ray release. Contributions to other books include The Call of the Heart: John M. Stahl and Hollywood Melodrama, and The World War II Combat Film. His writing has appeared in Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, Moviemaker, Premiere, DGA Magazine, and on the TCM website, to which he has contributed over 700 programming articles. As speaker, he has recorded commentaries for the disc release of 20 classics, including the westerns RIDE LONESOME, DAY OF THE OUTLAW, and WINGS OF THE HAWK; appeared as a guest on TCM and CNN; and been engaged to speak at festivals and repertory houses across the United States. In 2023, Jeremy programmed and guest-hosted a 20-film TCM spotlight on B movies of the 1930s and ’40s, which will be the topic of one of his next books. He is also at work on a book about the making and significance of DAY OF THE OUTLAW. Born in Washington D.C. and living in Los Angeles, Jeremy is a graduate of Wesleyan University, where he studied under eminent film scholar Jeanine Basinger.
Click this link to see a Special Festival Highlight Page about TRAIL OF ROBIN HOOD,  Jeremy’s book,
“Christmas in the Movies” and a reprint of Jeremy’s article on this Christmas Classic.

Cheryl Rogers Barnett is the adopted daughter of Roy Rogers and his first wife, Arline. She is the author of “Cowboy Princess” and “Cowboy Princess Rides Again”. Cheryl and her late husband Larry are the co-producers of two documentaries, ROY ROGERS: IN HIS OWN WORDS and DALE EVANS: A MOST REMARKABLE WOMAN, which are available on a DVD set. She attends various film-related events around the Western U.S. giving presentations on her famous family. Click this link to see a Special Festival Highlight Page about TRAIL OF ROBIN HOOD and Cheryl’s ONLY film performance. 



Michael F. Blake is a two-time Emmy-winning makeup artist, spent sixty years in the film and television industry before retiring in 2018. His credits include Westworld, X-Men: First Class, Spider-Man 3, Independence Day, Tough Guys, Soapdish, Police Academy II, The Munster’s Revenge, and Happy Days. As a child actor, Michael appeared in such television shows as Adam-12, The Lucy Show, The Munsters, Bonanza, Kung Fu, The Red Skelton Show, and Marcus Welby, M.D.

A respected film scholar, with a master’s degree from UCLA, Michael’s books on silent screen legend Lon Chaney are the definitive works on the actor. He has also written books on Western films and Theodore Roosevelt. Michael has provided audio commentary for several Lon Chaney films, as well as appeared in documentaries about John Ford, Irving Thalberg, and Max Factor. This year we celebrate his latest book, THE CAVALRY TRILOGY: John Ford, John Wayne, and the Making of Three Classic Westerns.

Bruce Boxleitner has starred on Broadway in Status Quo Vadis with Ted Danson. In Los Angeles, after notable roles in film and television, Bruce endeared himself to fans everywhere in a four-year run on CBS-TV’s SCARECROW AND MRS. KING. Boxleitner is also internationally known for his science fiction roles in both the TRON franchise as well as his starring work in the hit series BABYLON 5. Bruce has serious western street cred. Early in his career he guest starred on the very last episode of GUNSMOKE (“The Sharecroppers” 1975). He later co-starred with James Arness in HOW THE WEST WAS WON, the 1988 remake of RED RIVER and GUNSMOKE: ONE MAN’S JUSTICE. Other westerns include two of Kenny Rogers’ GAMBLER films, WYATT EARP: RETURN TO TOMBSTONE and an adaptation of Louis L’Amour’s DOWN THE LONG HILLS. A skilled horseman, Bruce was inducted into the Hall of Great Western Performers at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma.

Robert Carradine’s first film role was in the 1972 film THE COWBOYS, which starred John Wayne and Roscoe Lee Browne. He also portrayed fraternity president “Lewis Skolnick” in the REVENGE OF THE NERDS comedy film series. In one of the most unusual casting arrangements in movie history, David, Keith, and Robert Carradine played the Younger brothers in THE LONG RIDERS with three other sets of acting brothers: Stacy and James Keach, Dennis and Randy Quaid, and Christopher and Nicholas Guest. .


Jim ClarkTo label James (Jim) Clark a train buff would be an unforgivable understatement. After leaving Carson City in 1986, he became the go-to man in Southern California and the Southwest for movies and TV shows, building track and providing and running trains for Western, action and other productions. He also served as a stuntman. His film credits, now totaling about 250, include movies “Wild, Wild West,” “Under Siege II” and “Eraser,” and TV shows “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman” and “MacGyver.”

In 1999, the producers of the movie Wild, Wild West were looking for some trains. Not just any trains.  One had to look like a post-Civil War locomotive hauling a special car for special agents Jim West and Artemus Gordon (hoo-rah!). The other engine—manipulated by the evil genius Dr. Arliss Loveless (hssssss!)—needed to somewhat resemble a huge combat tank. But producers are Hollywood types, and they generally don’t know anything about railroad equipment. So the movie makers called in the “Train Man.” Enter Jim Clark.  He told them how to bring rough drawings to life. He found the locomotives and the train cars,  he helped design the train stunts and oversaw all the railroad aspects of the flick.   Okay, so the film derailed.  At least the trains were great.  Thanks to the Train Man.

Over the next nearly 20 years, Jim Clark was hired to do the train work on more than 200 productions—including TV shows such as Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman and MacGyver. Among his movie credits are Throw Momma from the Train, Eraser, Switchback, Under Siege 2, Lethal Weapon 4, Money Train and, of course, Wild, Wild West and Disney’s, 2012; The Lone Ranger with Johnny Depp. In 2005, his work was an important part of the Steven Spielberg mini-series “Into the West”.

Clark now lives in Virginia City, Nevada  Still in touch with the Hollywood community, but now focused on his grandchildren, and at times, lecturing on Trains in movies.

See Full article – True West Magazine (Jim Clark – Trainman

Diamond Farnsworth is an accomplished stuntman, serving as stunt coordinator on the show NCIS, and before that working on JAG and QUANTUM LEAP. Diamond is the son of Academy Award® Nominated  actor/stuntman Richard Farnsworth. He began his stunt career in 1968 and has been serving as a stunt coordinator since 1980. He began with PAINT YOUR WAGON and served as a stunt double for Sylvester Stallone in FIRST BLOOD, RAMBO and RHINESTONE. He has also doubled Kevin Costner, Dennis Quaid and Jeff Bridges.




Rory FlynnLike many other children of world-famous movie stars, Rory Flynn grew up in Hollywood and attended Hollywood High.  But her childhood revolved around her father and the films he was making.  Errol Flynn built a beautiful house high up in the hills he called Mulholland Farm, an apt name as Rory remembers. “He brought home an animal from almost every movie set that he worked on.  So we had sheep dogs, horses, chickens and that horrible monkey Chico that I think he brought home from Elizabeth and Essex.  That monkey used to terrorize us if he ever got in the house.  It was a nightmare.  My father eventually gave him to the Los Angeles Zoo.“

Rory was six foot tall and thin in High School, “very much the opposite of what was cool.”  But a lucky meeting with a New York photographer resulted in a photo session, which led to a career as an international fashion model all over Europe, even meeting Salvadore Dali, “who painted me into one of his enormous paintings.”  In 1971 she began a long term relationship with rock drummer Alan White from Yes and they stayed together in London throughout the decade during the peak of the rock and roll world.

In 1980 Rory returned to Hollywood. “ I decided I needed to find a career; modeling is a very short-lived job.”  She took photography classes at UCLA. “I basically hustled my way into my first job on a film called Return of the Living Dead.  I barely knew what I was doing and I didn’t know anybody could work 15 hour days.”  Rory eventually became a skilled Still Photographer and moved to ABC, shooting all the network’s sitcoms and Movies of the Week.  In 1987, on a film in Sri Lanka, she met her future husband, producer Gideon Amir, and teamed up professionally and personally. Married 36 years, their son Rio is an actor like his legendary grandfather, working as Sean Flynn. 

And her life has come  full circle; she has created her own Mulholland Farm. “I have a great love of animals just like my father and decided I wanted acres. We moved permanently to Georgia where most filming for television has been done for the last 10 years.  We live on 5 acres. I rescue horses. I have two horses right now, two dogs, six cats, ten Koi fish in a pond, and a birdfeeder with video assist that records all the birds that come to eat so I can see them on my iPhone.  As of now I’m checking off my bucket list. I am taking flying lessons in a 172 Cessna and I started taking piano lessons two years ago and life is good.”

Rory has written a well-received book about growing up with her father called THE BARON OF MULHOLLAND: A Daughter Remembers Errol Flynn.  She travels extensively, hosting screenings of her father’s films all over the world.  This is her first visit to Lone Pine, where her father made CHARGE OF THE LIGHT BRIGADE and KIM.

Burton Gilliam Before acting, Burton Gilliam was a member of the Coast Guard’s boxing team where he won 201 out of 217 fights.  He remained in the boxing world for decades, working as a referee when he moved to California.

While working as a fireman for the city of Dallas, Burton appeared in the role of “Floyd”, the desk clerk, in the film PAPER MOON (1973).  He then was convinced to quit his job as a fireman and join the cast of Mel Brooks’ BLAZING SADDLES.  With his toothy grin and likeable screen presence, Burton was an in demand character actor appearing in such hit movies as BACK TO THE FUTURE Part III, HONEYMOON IN VEGAS, THUNDERBOLT AND LIGHTFOOT, FLETCH, GATOR and TELEFON.  His television appearances include facing down Bruce Boxleitner in the series HOW THE WEST WAS WON and riding alongside James Arness and Boxleitner again in the remake of RED RIVER (1988).


Gilliam was born in Dallas, Texas, and lives near there with his wife.  He graduated high school in 1956 and was inducted into the school’s Hall of Fame.  He has two children and four grandchildren.

Darby Hinton Just before he turned 6, actor/producer/writer Darby Hinton accidentally stood in the wrong line at Twentieth Century Fox and landed the part of Israel Boone with Fess Park on Daniel Boone which ran from 1964-1970 – and still works today in many TV and film projects. Hinton considers some of his most important work to be with the SAG/AFTRA Young Performers Committee, geared to helping the creative youth of today.

C. Courtney Joyner  is an award-winning author and screenwriter credited with more than 25 produced films. His short stories have been widely anthologized and his novels include the SHOTGUN western series. A film historian, he has written for countless film publications and recorded commentaries and documentaries for more than 200 blu-ray releases, with THE SHOOTIST and ONE-EYED JACKS among the latest. His non-fiction books include WESTERN PORTRAITS, THE WESTERNERS, and VIDEOTAPES FROM HELL, which will be released in October.

Steve Latshaw – Steve began his film career in a distinctly Corman-esque style, producing and directing a string of hit B movies in Florida, including the Halloween Cult Classic JACK-O. Relocating to Los Angeles led to a prolific career as a successful screenwriter in various genres, most notably action and sci-fi films, writing over 30 produced features at last count.

His credits include the western family adventure AMERICAN BLACK BEAUTY, starring Dean Stockwell, the Stan Lee Sci-Fi adventure LIGHTSPEED and COMMAND PERFORMANCE, a collaboration with Dolph Lundgren which became a comeback film for the legendary action star. In the world of classic film revivals, he supervised the recent restoration, remastering and Blu-ray release of Roy Roger’s first and last starring films, UNDER WESTERN STARS and MACKINTOSH & TJ. Both were premiered at the 2021 and 2022 Lone Pine Film Festivals, respectively.

Larry Maurice – Tour Guide, Cowboy Poet, and Festival Host has spent the last 36 years as a cowboy, horse wrangler and packer in the Eastern Sierra and the high deserts of Nevada. You’re likely to find him on a horse when he is not performing his brand of Cowboy Poetry. He received the Lifetime Achievement in Cowboy Poetry Award from the National Cowboy Symposium, and the Academy of Western Artists’ coveted Will Rogers Cowboy Award for Cowboy Poet of the Year. Maurice has been a Lone Pine regular since the Festival’s beginning in 1990. Check out Larry’s website


David Matuszak is a Western historian and modern-day frontiersman. He has written extensively about the American West, particularly the Western film genre, and has spent his life experiencing frontier adventures. From breaking horses in the tradition of the Californio vaquero, competing in ranch roping competitions, prospecting the Sierra Nevada, performing in a Wild West show, riding with the mounted posse, building a log cabin, buffalo hunting, re-enacting the Lewis & Clark expedition, to ranching, Matuszak has spent his entire life living and exploring in the West. He brings to any discussion of the West real-life frontier experiences along with an academic background.


Wyatt McCrea is a  lifelong lover of film, Wyatt is the oldest grandchild of actor/rancher Joel McCrea and his actress wife Frances Dee and he is deeply involved in the ongoing historical preservation of his film making grandparents. He has worked both as a producer and actor in television and film productions such as “Sod and Stubble”; “The Contested Plains”, “Gen’s Guiltless Gourmet”, “Call 911”, “Big History”, “Canyon Trail”, the award winning documentary “Floating Horses – The Story of Casey Tibbs”, as well as many commercials and local theatrical productions. He is a co-author and contributor to several books on Hollywood literature, film and television history and has been a guest speaker/presenter at the TCM Film Festival and on the TCM Movie Cruise. Wyatt is a multiple time co-emcee of the Western Heritage Awards and the Western Music Association Awards. Having grown up in a ranching environment Wyatt is also a huge proponent of western values and the preservation of the western way of life. He is the founder and board president of the Joel and Frances McCrea Ranch Foundation; current Vice Chair of the Board of the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum – past chairman of the Western Heritage Committee; past member of the Executive Committee for the Golden Boot Awards; Board Member of the Will Rogers Ranch Foundation; Board Member of the Will Rogers Memorial Foundation; Board Member and past board president of RideOn Therapeutic Horsemanship; member of the Advisory Board for the Boys and Girls Club of Camarillo, CA; and member of the Advisory Committee for TOArts in Thousand Oaks, CA.  

J. C. Munns Composer and  Musician has been entertaining audiences for nearly five decades, specializing in vintage American music from saloon piano to the great hits of the ‘20s, ‘30s and ‘40s. He has performed for two U.S. presidents and entertained countless celebrities including Bob Hope, Cary Grant, and Jimmy Stewart, as well as movie directors from Hal Roach and Mervyn Leroy to Steven Spielberg.



Todd Newport
is married to wife Kathy and the father of two boys who both grew up going to western events. Early in his career, Todd owned video rental stores where one of his jobs was to watch movies in order to provide expert information for his customers! Retired after 25 years with AT&T, Todd was President of the Zane Grey’s West Society (ZGWS) for 14 years and served as Past President on the Board for 13 years. Currently an advisor to the ZGWS Board, he is leading the team organizing the 43rd Annual Zane Grey Convention WS that begins Monday October 14th in Lone Pine. Hi accomplishments include assisting the team in setting up the first ZGWS Website in 1998 and coordinating the publishing of the Society’s book, ZANE GREY: A STUDY IN VALUES – ABOVE AND BEYOND THE WEST in 2005. He enjoys traveling with his wife, hiking, collecting books, antique guns and western movie autographs (currently topping over 140). He also enjoys locating historic sites from old photos and movies which makes Lone Pine such an enjoyable place for him to visit. Click this link to see a Special Festival Highlight Page about Zane Grey West Society.

Henry C. ParkeBrooklyn-born, L.A.-based writer and film historian Henry C. Parke’s first book, “The Greatest Westerns Ever Made”, and the People Who Made Them”, was published by TwoDot in February of 2024. He has been Film Editor for True West since 2015. He’s written Henry’s Western Round-up, the on-line report on Western film production, since 2010, and writes twice-monthly articles for the INSP Channel’s blog. His screenwriting credits include SPEEDTRAP (1977) and DOUBLE CROSS (1994). He’s the first writer welcomed into the Western Writers of America for his work in electronic media, and he’s recorded audio commentary on over thirty Western Blu-rays..


 Dennis Parrish was born in Culver City California in 1935. Second Generation out of three generations of Property Masters. Dennis started in the film business in 1953 at Warner Brothers Studio on the Set Dressing Gang for THE SILVER CHALICE with Paul Newman. He Became a Property Master in 1964 on the film “THE SAND PEBBLES’ with Steve Me Queen while filming in Taiwan and Hong Kong. His other films include PATTON,THE GREAT WHITE HOPE,HELLO DOLLY, RAMBO II,ERASER,GANGS OF NEW YORK, CASINO, HIDALGO, SUNSHINE BOYS, THE GOODBY GIRL, U-571,TOYS, SPACEBALLS, and THE AVIATOR, to name a few. Retiring in 2008 he lectured at University of Nebraska Johnny Carson film school for a number of years along with his daughter Hope. Dennis is an Honorary Member of The PROPERTY MASTERS GUILD and a sixty-seven-year member of local 44 IATSE. During the many years of his career he worked often in Spain, Italy, and Morocco, as well as Thailand and The Philippines. He quickly formed a reputation as a foreign location Prop Master. His daughter Hope is third generation Property Master, recently retired after 39 years with an extensive resume in films as well.His grandson is also a member of the Property Union Local44. Dennis loves The Lone Pine Film Festival and what it stands for. He currently is Vice President of Programs for The Culver City Historical Society.

Hope Parrish was the first child born to Dennis & Willy Parrish. Hope grew up in Culver City in a family of local 44 Property Masters and Special Effects. Hearing stories at the dinner table about Dad’s day, working in the Motion Picture Industry was always exciting. When she was 6 her father was called to work in Taiwan on “The Sand Pebbles”. Willy grabbed her 3 daughters and traveled to Taipei to be with her husband. This was where Hope’s passion for Props and the Industry began. The family continued to go on location and on many occasions, Hope would go to work with her father. In 1979 she got her first call from Universal to become a permit in IATSE local 44 as a property person. Initiating as a full-fledged member in 1980, she now went to MGM and in 1983 she was made Foreman for the Lorimar Property Department. In 1986, as management was not her passion, she left Lorimar and began working again on set as an Assistant Property Master on Cagney and Lacy. In 1988 she earned her Property Masters Card and began this journey on China Beach. During her career as a Property Master, she worked on films such as Jerry Maguire, Air Force One, Terminator 3, The Aviator, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, to name a few. Her only Westerns to date were the pilot for “Deadwood” – Directed by Walter Hill, and Django Unchained – Directed by Quentin Tarantino. Hope loved that each show she did, took her to a new place, a new era, and new topics. After 38 years, Hope retired in 2018, having had an amazing career that she cherishes every day. She continues to give to her craft and community. She with 3 other Property Masters started the “Property Masters Guild (PMG), which is now a national and international guild. She is a member of Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) – Production Design Branch, President of the Culver City Historical Society, and Prop Mentor to the Students at Culver High School during their Fall Production and Spring Musicals. To Hope, it is important to give back to her Community and to the Craft that gave she and her family so much.

Owen Renfroe is a feature writer/director living in Los Angeles. Born in New Jersey, his professional career began at age ten, when he sang in the children’s chorus of the Metropolitan Opera Company in New York. He graduated from Wesleyan University with a BA in film studies under the mentorship of Jeanine Basinger, and has since directed over 500 episodes of network daytime dramas for CBS and ABC, earning him six Daytime Emmys and a DGA Award. Owen also directed the pilot and multiple episodes of the Nickelodeon series HOLLYWOOD HEIGHTS, based on the successful Mexican telenovela, Alcanzar Una Estrella. In 2015, Francis Ford Coppola invited Owen to Oklahoma to collaborate as his directing consultant on his “live cinema” project, Distant Vision. As a writer, Owen’s western screenplay, THE SAVAGE TRAIL, won best screenplay at the Richmond International Film Festival and the Jaipur International Film Festival in India. His current screenwriting projects include: LOS TRES, a bilingual western; and CANARY, which he co-wrote with Ricardo DeMontreuil.

Alan K. Rode is a film scholar, preservationist, cinema host and producer. His books include Michael Curtiz; A Life in Film, Charles McGraw: Film Noir Tough Guy and Blood on the Moon. He is the producer and host of the annual Arthur Lyons Film Noir Festival in Palm Springs, California that celebrated its 25th anniversary earlier this year. Alan is a charter director and treasurer of the Film Noir Foundation and is the co-host/programmer of the Noir City Hollywood and Chicago film festivals. In addition to his filmed discussions with golden era Hollywood artists available via his web site and YouTube channel, Alan has written and recorded myriad commentaries for classic film releases to video and produces and appears in documentaries and special features while being a regular presenter at the TCM Classic Film Festival.

Bart Romans At an early age, film historian Bart Romans was hooked on westerns.  His expertise grew as he devoured publications on the little studio in the valley and collected and studied the films of Republic on home video.

In the decades since, he has amassed a massive collection of Republic features, serials and television series from Republic and other studios, and has provided invaluable analysis and research assistance tracking down rare and hard-to-find titles for the Lone Pine Film Festival.



Sandra Slepski  is the niece of beloved b-western star, Tom Tyler, who appeared in five pictures filmed in Lone Pine and against the Alabama Hills.  In later years with his health failing Tyler moved to Michigan live with Sandra’s family who has maintained Tom’s passion of his movie career through family history and professional photos.  Sandra is a retired registered nurse whose bucket list includes exploring 63 National Parks (with 29 visited) and sharing stories of Tom Tyler’s life.




Marc Wanamaker – Presenter, Archivist, Author;  is a historian, archivist, and lecturer in film history. He founded Bison Archives in Los Angeles, a leading repository of research and photographs of motion picture history. He assisted in forming the American Film Institute facilities in Beverly Hills. His extensive list of publications includes over a dozen books as well as articles in the Los Angeles Times and interviews in numerous documentaries related to motion picture history.



Patrick Wayne is the son of famed Academy Award winning actor, John Wayne, and godson of Oscar winning director, John Ford, Patrick Wayne is a veteran of over thirty-five motion pictures, four television series, as well as numerous television episodes and commercials. Wayne was born in Los Angeles, California, attended Loyola High School and, upon graduation, entered Loyola University in California, where he received his B.S. degree in Biology and a minor in Philosophy.

Wayne began his acting career at the age of eleven and, with the exception of active duty in the Coast Guard, he’s been at it ever since.  “I had reservations about becoming an actor from the time that I entered college,” he says, “I thought I would get a better perspective about a career if my major were something apart from acting.  College years and time in the Coast Guard gave me a more objective slant and I finally decided that I wanted a career in the entertainment business.”

Many of the films Wayne has appeared in have become memorable examples of American motion picture making.  His credits include The Long Grey Line, Mister Roberts, The Searchers, The Alamo, and McLintock!, to name but a few. In television, Wayne has been equally active having starred in two dramatic series, Shirley and The Rounders, and has been featured on more than ninety television commercials.

He has been the Chairman of the Board of the John Wayne Cancer Institute since 2003. Wayne lives in the lovely Toluca Lake section of Los Angeles and is the father of Michael, Melanie and Anthony. His son. Matthew, is a freshman at York University in England

Jay Dee Witney was born in Los Angeles, the only child of director William Witney and actress Maxine Doyle. His film & television work ranged from bit parts to minor stunts and background acting in shows such as ROOM 222, THE LUCY SHOW, GOMER PYLE USMC, MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE, and THE FUGITIVE. After a career outside the industry which included emergency services and private businesses, he has dip’d his toes back into the motion picture business screenwriting, photography, videography, editing, and production. A current and continuing SAG-AFTRA cardmember since 1965, he is also the proprietor of Old Clapperboard Productions and @Pixeladog. Note: That is Jay Dee in the Red, White & Blue shirt!


Rob WordModerator, Producer, Director.  As one of the founding fathers and producer of the Motion Picture and Television Fund’s prestigious Golden Boot Awards (1983-2007), Emmy® nominated writer/producer Rob Word’s love of the West best describes his work. He now hosts, produces, and directs YouTube’s long running interview series A WORD ON WESTERNS following a lengthy career in the industry as a senior producer and creative consultant for Columbia TriStar, Lionsgate, MGM-UA, Universal Television, GetTV and Starz/Encore Media.

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